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Here Comes The Sun For Summertime – Designer, Bespoke Sunglasses

At Campbell Eyecare we’re shaking off the winter and looking forward to longer, warmer days ahead. What better time to discover the latest in designer, bespoke sunglasses from brands such as Nikon, Maui Jim and Lindberg?

Protection doesn’t mean sacrificing on design at Campbell Eyecare. We know how important style is to your personal brand, which is why we feature some of the most celebrated and exclusive designer eyewear labels in our sun collection. With custom eyewear designed to fit your face shape, style and personality, you’ll never want summer to end.

Nikon Lenswear – responsive, protective sunglasses. Photo by Nikon.

Nikon is known for much more than their fantastic camera range – their lens technology has been applied to their Nikon Lenswear range of performance optical lenses. Responsive transition technology means that protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays has been made easier and more convenient – the Transitions Xtractive range of adaptive lenses are perfect for protecting your eyes in style, both indoors and outdoors.

Further advancements have led to the creation of Nikon’s polarised lenses for prescription sunglasses, helping to eliminate glare and unwanted reflections with an advanced polarisation filter and AR coating.

Acetate frames make the perfect canvas for dappled light. Photo by Maui Jim.

Maui Jim had their start in Hawai’i, serving as the inspiration for their range of sunglasses inspired by island life. Every bespoke sunglasses piece from Maui Jim’s collection features 100% protection from all UVA and UVB rays, perfect abroad or even during summer at home.

Are Maui Jim sunglasses unisex? We see it differently. Sometimes creating the best piece involves a juxtaposition between masculine and feminine. We don’t box designs into ladies and gent’s styles, instead, we use them as guides to inform your style decisions. We take many aspects of the individual into account during a consultation including face shape and colouring, but we never limit your options based on a set of rules. We look past convention to create bespoke sunglasses that truly fit your character.

Bespoke sunglasses
Sunwear from Lindberg – timeless and bespoke. Photo by Lindberg.

Lindberg is known for its lightweight, clean designs. Their signature style, the AIR Titanium frames, put Lindberg on the map in 1983 as the premier designer of modern, durable and stylish eyewear. Their attention to detail led to a focus on flexibility and functionality; with no screws, rivets or welds holding the frames together, glasses could be customised to the individual wearer.

Since then Lindberg has gone on to develop a number of classic ranges including LINDBERG Acetanium, LINDBERG Strip Titanium and LINDBERG Spirit, incorporating materials such as fine titanium wire and ultra-thin acetate. At Campbell Eyecare we work closely with each and every customer to create a unique bespoke sunglasses piece that fits in both form and function. The options are simply limitless and every frame can be customised to create custom sunglasses are truly yours and yours alone.

Anti-reflex ZEISS lenses create the highest possible UV protection without losing optical quality. Photo by Lindberg.

When you come for a custom eyewear consultation we never offer one-size-fits-all sunglasses. We’ve been working with customers for over 40 years, using the latest technology, equipment and a bit of experience and expertise to find the best possible style and fit.  

Colour is a key point to consider when choosing a style for your bespoke sunglasses, and it’s something our expert opticians take into account when making recommendations to you. Do you prefer bold and bright or understated chic? Is your natural palette warmer, or does it tend towards cool tones? Do you employ a lot of colour in your everyday style, or do you need a statement piece to make everything else pop? At Campbell Eyecare we put attention to detail front and centre to capture the unique qualities in your look. 

See for yourself how Campbell Eyecare can help you look your best this summer – pop into our fully equipped practices in Alness or Tain, or call our friendly team on 01349 882 863 (Alness) / 01862 892 559 (Tain) to arrange a free consultation.

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